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Vacation Rental Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet for seasonal rental control

R$ 65,00


Spreadsheet for seasonal rental control

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It has several tools such as:

– Dashboard with consolidated data;
– Control of up to 5 properties;
– Automatic calendar with busy dates;
– Indication of holidays (option to customize local holidays);
– Co-host management;
– Customer Records;
– Registration and totalization of expenses and costs of the property or vehicle;
– Monthly balance and total revenue;

This tool is used to control various activities such as: Renting houses and apartments on the beach, ranches and leisure sites, party rooms and leisure areas, boats and speedboats, and much more.

We guarantee 100% functionality if used in Excel 2010 or higher.

To use the spreadsheet, basic knowledge of Excel is required. We do not customize the spreadsheet. Commercial spreadsheet, locked for changes.